"Renewing Our Passion for Reaching Our World"

A Sermon by Rev. Steve Harris

NC Baptist State Convention Strategist

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Matthew 28:18-20

Points to Remember:

The central focus of the Great Commission is to make disciples. 

           What does a disciple look like? Matthew 4:19

                - Follow Christ (relational)

                - Make (transformational)

                - Fish (missional)

                       Am I willing to respond to the call of Christ to become a disciple.

          Key actions (verbs) = go, make, baptizing, and teaching

          4 Things we can do:

               1. Identify people in your circle of influenece who are outside of Christ.

               2. Reconnect with people. 

                       -have fun together with them

                       -invite them to serve the community with you

               3. Pray for them

                       -pray for the lost that God would touch their hearts

               4. Ask good questions

                       -What do you think the church should be doing?

                       -What is your faith experience?

                       -Ask if you can tell them your story, then tell them God's story.

          Four Words to Remember: