Prayer Requests

Please contact us by e-mail at with prayer needs. We are glad to join with you in prayer.

Let us know in your e-mail if these are requests we may share with the church family or if they are private, to be shared with the ministry staff only.

If there is an urgent concern, then you may text Pastor Roger Rearden  at (828) 458-9729, or call the church office at 828-684-7000.

Thank you!

 Pray for:

Randy M. (battle with cancer)

Randy H. (recovery from accident) 

Fatimah G. & baby Makayla

Nina T. (healing)

Florence O.

Todd E. (his father passed away)

David R. (healing)

John G. (recovering from seisure)

Jack & Sue B. (recovering from car accident)

Clara H. (healing)

Missionary Dwight W. 

Missionaries Stephen & Janelle M.

Church Planter Jayson D.

Missionary in Prison in Turkey -

Rev. Andrew Brunson

Mountain State Fair Ministry

September 5 - 16

2018 Fall Revival

Sunday, September 30 - Friday, October 5

with Rev. Chris Morgan