Goals for 2018 and Beyond

April 15, 2018

1. Begin 2 new Bible Study Classes (Sunday School).

2. Encourage each adult Bible Study class (Sunday School) and the youth class to plan quarterly fellowships with the goal of inviting unchurched individuals from our community, your neighborhood, your friends. These would be best if hosted at a home, local park, or somewhere other than the church building.

3. Look for more ways to connect with and interact with our Avery's Creek Community and the broader Arden/Skyland/ Fletcher community -- with the focus of touching lives for Christ. (being on-mission locally) 


4. Establish an evangelism resource with a good supply of booklets to have available to give out to worship guests, outreach, Bible Study fellowships, unchurched neighbors, etc...    DONE, BUT WILL BE ONGOING!

5. Plan revival services for October. - DONE!

6.  Pray for opportunities to start home Bible Studies in different neighborhoods that our members live in.

7. Look for at least two places to do backyard VBS.